Jump Into Music with Teacher Monica is the best toddler-preschooler music program in town! Having been a nanny for several years, I have participated in many different parent/caregiver-involved music classes, and hers is the only one that I genuinely enjoyed attending, myself, and not just for the children’s sake. Kids are pretty easy to please with some instruments and simple songs, but Monica makes a huge effort to make the lessons fun, engaging, and educational for everyone present. She is inclusive, respectful, knowledgeable, and a very talented musician and singer (what a voice!) I appreciate that she never picks favourites (it happens in a lot of classes!), and she doesn’t get frazzled, even by not-so-good behaviour. It’s obvious that Monica sincerely enjoys her job because she doesn’t stop smiling, and is constantly laughing and dancing. I truly can’t recommend her class enough. Thanks Monica!