I just wanted to express my how much we love the class Lisa teaches at Killarney on Saturdays. My daughter Lucy comes home and sings the songs, and we do dance parties with your Spotify playlists.

I used to design children’s programs for the VSB, and I have a background in recreation leadership. Plus over 20 years of working with kids. Your program is of exceptional quality. While the design of the program is outstanding, it really is the instructor who takes it to the next level. Lisa says the same spiel each class with the same, unwavering kindness. Her strong, clear, and yet gentle voice often has me getting emotional at the welcome song. Lisa’s ability to deliver the material to a room full of squirming children and distracted parents with the same enthusiasm as if she had a captive audience is admirable. My child is one of those that looks like she’s not paying attention, but is actually absorbing everything and it shows by how often she sings “the goodbye train” song.

We are a family of limited means and your classes are affordable, especially for the high caliber of your program. Please don’t change that. If you were to expand into a dance focused program, we would sign up in a heartbeat!
Heartfelt thanks,