We’ve been attending Jump Into Music with Teacher Monica for just over a year, starting when my son was 1.5 years old. It has been incredible watching my little boy have fun, learn much about a wide variety of music, and especially bond with our teacher. His favourite stuffed animal is named after a song we heard in one of our first classes.

I learned that my son takes time to build trust, and the format of Jump into Music is flexible for tiny humans to meet them where they’re at. The new online format, with Teacher Monica, gave us much needed connection, familiarity, and joy during a time when I felt like our whole world was abruptly stopped. And he’s still learning and having so much fun, with the new format. He loves hearing his name, playing along with our instruments, dancing and singing with bubbles, and I can credit Teacher Monica for introducing him to Spiderman, whom he is now very fond of. It all started with a song. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – Janine Chartrand, mom of Koa, aged 2.5