Perfectly Balanced Class  

After raising a teenager and now having a baby I was not thrilled about joining baby classes again. Miss Monica invited me to try a class. My cynical attitude quickly changed. My toddler, Damon attends 2-3 times a week now because even his nannies ask to go! It’s enjoyable for toddlers because there’s a structure and flow to the class that includes songs, bubbles, a parachute and instruments. The cool part is that the parents learn a ton along with their child. Miss Monica teaches us very interesting things about various genres of music and the history. Personally, she engages with each child. She knows them all by name and connects with each one. Miss Monica keeps their attention through her expressions, inviting them to touch instruments and quickly moving from one activity to the next. Even before Damon could use words to talk about music class he was tapping his lap and clapping his hands in the rhythm he was taught in Miss Monica’s class. Sometimes he would do it before bed while nursing which made me see that he’s thinking about his day and recalling what he had done. Jump into Music is truly remarkable. All the parents in my Coal Harbour neighbourhood rave about it too.