The first time I got to experience Teacher Monica’s sensational class was way back in 2017 with a one year old that I was nannying at the time. Without a doubt, it was the highlight of our week. I remember the class being genuinely enjoyable for all the children as well as the adults! Monica really has a way with music and knows how to get kids of all ages dancing and singing along to her huge variety of fun songs. I even learned so much about many cultures around the world as well as the histories of all kinds of music.

Now, in 2021, nannying for a different family with a 2 year old and 6 year old, Monica’s classes have been such a light in these hard times during the pandemic. Having Jump into Music to sing along with from home has quickly become what we look forward to most at the end of the week. It is really impressive to see the music taught in such a way that the kids go about singing songs in multiple languages throughout the week. Every day they ask if today is “Teacher Monica” day.

I would highly recommend this program for anyone, and will be gladly attending teacher Monica’s classes with any nanny job moving forward. Hopefully too when I have kids of my own.