Teacher Monica is a celebrity in our home. We started going at a community centre when our son was tiny. Then Monica managed to navigate her Jump Into Music program during the pandemic wonderfully. We watched her from our living room for months, and when it was safe enough to join in person we immediately signed up for a class at the park.
We love all the songs, dances, play and the way she helps us learn the ways of music and rhythm. She’s non stop energy and is always on top of her programming. She blows us away every week. Ross loves playing along and I can see Monica truly enjoying him jamming with her. This is clearly her heart and soul job. She brings love, joy, patience, calm, fun and creativity to the program. In the early days we brought Ross’ uncle to class one time. That was over 2 years ago and he still talks about “Ross’ music teacher” and how amazing she is at her job.
We LOVE Jump Into Music!