Why Choose Us?

The Benefits of Jump into Music


  • Stimulate brain growth
  • Exercise fine and gross motor skills
  • Awakens sensitivity and awareness of tempo, mood, time, volume and dynamics
  • Develop the social and emotional skills necessary for school readiness and life in general
  • Burn energy via movement and mental stimulation


A One-of-a-Kind Curriculum


Every three weeks, we travel together to new and exciting musical themes and styles.  Over a 2-year period, we explore 24 countries of origin or genres-specific lesson plans, including seasonal special classes.

 Topics for 2024 are:

  • African
  • Celtic
  • Country
  • Reggae
  • Italy
  • Folk
  • Rock n’ Roll
  • Mexican
  • Halloween
  • France
  • Hawaiian
  • Winter Holiday

Topics for 2025 are:

  • Jazz + Blues
  • Chinese New Year
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Soul
  • Pop
  • Disco
  • Caribbean
  • Halloween
  • Brazil
  • Classical
  • Winter Holiday

We pick the finest music to lift the spirit and move the body. Parents and caregivers also have the opportunity to develop their music appreciation skills and learn the fundamental elements of music!  Our program explores the story behind the song.  Jump Into Music is musicology for families.


In class, we:

  • Play drum, maraca and movement games that internalize rhythm and coordination
  • Dance to beautiful music and sing wonderful songs
  • Utilize  the ‘Orff’ approach to learning, which is child-centred, playful and natural
  • Play with a colourful parachute and unique scarves while singing, listening and learning the story behind the song
  • Learn greetings and basic numbers in each language we explore
  • Work on basic ear training using both numerical scale theory and solfege do ra me fa so la ti do
  • Use the numbers in our major scale to learn melody
  • Gain exposure to music and culture from around the world
  • *Receiving individual attention and exercising active listening skills – instructor goes around the room facilitating improvisations on lesson-specific instruments like the xylophone, ukulele, melodeon, banjo, guitar and more
  • *Join in weekly jam sessions using a variety of high-quality instruments
  • Have fun, make friends and gain confidence!

* COVID safety plan dependant. 


21 Day Principal – one topic for 3 weeks

At Jump into Music, our goal is to offer you engaging, entertaining and educational programming that stimulates both the parent and the child attending.  We follow the 3 week principal allowing for passive learning of the material.  Simply come to class, have fun, and by week three, the material becomes a part of our subconscious.  This is the same for adult brains as it is for our little ones.  By week three we are all fully engage with the material, experts at the topic at hand. Even our youngest learners are able to relax into the material and participate, even anticipate what will happen next – a core skill of musicianship. 

Online or In-person

With safety as a priority and following provincial guideline we are able to continue to offer you our highest quality programming.  Watch our videos to see Jump Into Music in action, learn more about our programming, and hear from parents who’ve taken our classes. 

Get Together with Teacher Monica on our YouTube Channel and bring musical fun into your living room! Check out these happy kids in the video below.  

Class Schedule

Find the right Jump Into Music class for you, in Vancouver,  Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.  Become a Patron and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch classes at home!

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